Emaho Films was founded in 2016 with the vision to create engaging video content to share stories of brands, places and people in a fascinating and inspiring way.

We are driven by some of the principles of conscious capitalism, where profit is not the focus but results from achieving a higher purpose. With this in mind, Emaho spends approximately 50 percent of its time creating documentary and NGO-oriented films where the profits are quite low.

The balance time is focused on corporate films and branded content for businesses whose work is having a positive impact on the world.

Whether you already have an idea in mind or need one to be conceptualized, our team will work closely with you to develop the film. Select from the full range of services, or simply opt for a full video package.


Emaho is currently working on a five-part documentary series about Indians who have traded in their fast-paced city lives to preserve an environment and community that depend on it. If you have a story to share or an interest in getting involved in this series, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Taira Malaney, Founder

Taira is a Director and Editor based in Goa, India. She received her BA in Psychology in 2013 at Occidental College in Los Angeles, after which she moved to Andaman and Nicobar islands to teach a marine conservation course in the village of Chidiyatapu. There, she hosted regular film screenings to teach students about the marine world. Their positive response to this teaching method gave Taira insight into the power of film.

After completing a documentary film course at the San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking in 2016, Taira founded Emaho Films. Today, she is driven by the idea that positive storytelling can be used as a tool to educate and inspire change.

At present, Taira is codirecting and producing Emaho’s latest documentary film, The Turtle Walkers.

Krish Makhija, Director of Photography

Krish is a 27-year-old cinematographer and independent producer from Bombay, India. Formally educated in Economics, he picked up the camera when he was 18 to start documenting the chaotic world around him. His love for stills soon led him to being an Assistant Director on television commercial, branded content and feature films. 

Krish later began freelancing as a Director of Photography and assisting in the camera department until recently when he started a small independent production house, Mosambi Juice Productions in Bombay. He just finished his Masters degree in cinematography in Europe.

Krish was the Director of Photography for Emaho’s recent documentary films A Living Legacy and The Call of Pashmina. He is currently filming and codirecting Emaho’s latest documentary film, The Turtle Walkers.

Krish also loves Orcas.

Sakshi Krish, Video Editor

Sakshi Krish developed a strong penchant for world cinema and history during her A levels, where she took a particular interest in the field of editing after a class on Sergei Eisenstein. Since then, she has experimented with numerous styles of audio-visual content and worked in multiple productions from fiction shorts, documentaries and digital media ads. She recently graduated with a degree in Film & Television studies and Psychology, from FLAME University, Pune.

In addition to her enthusiasm for story telling, she also sees herself as someone who’s deeply passionate about wildlife and the environment. It was this drive to raise awareness and create a positive change that led her Emaho Films. She earlier interned in publications such as Homegrown and Culturama, before joining Emaho. She currently works as a video editor, while also dabbling in pre-production planning and sound.

As a side-effect to being an editor, she often complains that she can now only see her world in frames.

Rahul Chopra, Video Producer

Rahul chose to pursue design as he thinks he has an innate ability to emote through visuals. He firmly believes that digital media is a powerful medium in problem-solving and various other aspects of life.

Rahul is a graduate from MIT Institute of Design. He interned under Mullen Lowe Lintas group as a copywriter and worked for various global brands. While his time in Mumbai he has freelanced in hospitality and the cinema industry under the cinematography and editing department.

He has worked for a US based travel start-up as an in-house filmmaker and experimented with various visual styles for the application. At present he operates as an intrepreneur for the group company called MVPL and offers business and content related services to Emaho.

Interested in coming on board?

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